History and Restoration

Jing’s Residence is located in the former mansion of a wealthy Qing dynasty silk merchant, built some 260 years ago. During it’s long history, the structure played a role in the booming commerce of the town. The west courtyard where the existing private room is was once a shop involved in the wood products business. The site which is now our restaurant previously sold goods from beijing, but later became a photographer’s shop. And the site where our lobby now stands was once used for cotton weaving.

After we purchased this property, we decided to take on the huge project of restoring the house to its former glory for use as a modern hotel so that many people from around the world could enjoy the experience of living in such a historical structure. In addition to meticulous restoration work, we have incorporated all the modern conveniences that the traveler of today has come to expect from a world class hotel.

With the help of a world-renowned architect, Jing, the owner, has created a place of outstanding beauty and elegance. Great efforts were made to maintain the original spirt of the complex. The work was done with the help of local craftsmen, all in their 60s, who understood traditional techniques. Used wood, bricks and tiles--all easy to find in Pingyao--were used to keep an original look.

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